We Found Influence In a Fragmented Age #AWEurope

I’m slightly obsessed with influence at the moment. Rereading (well, listening via Audible) Robert Cialdini’s Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion has reminded me of the numerous tactics you can use to – I’m loathed to say it – get what you want. Providing a reason for your request is one such tactic. Suffixing an ask withContinue reading “We Found Influence In a Fragmented Age #AWEurope”

Geek that was: Twitter leads the news cycle

In the news over the past week… Twitter leads the news cycle Eleanor Mills from the Sunday Times has contributed to an insightful blog about how Twitter and newspapers work together. She says that Twitter is how journalists look for breaking news, but a real benefit for her is interacting with her readers. She alsoContinue reading “Geek that was: Twitter leads the news cycle”

Geek that was: Instagram can make you money

Here’s what has caught my eye in the past week. Facebook Paper is here The big news this week is that Facebook has finally announced its plan to launch Paper. Fed up of scolling through your newsfeed scanning through post upon post from Buzzfeed? Well soon you’ll be able to download an app that changesContinue reading “Geek that was: Instagram can make you money”

Do you pass the ‘so what?’ test

Very early in my career I was told about the litmus test…the ‘so what?’ It was applied to everything, from new business pitches to selling in to a journalist, you should always be asking yourself, how will you answer if the other person sits there and replies ‘so what?’ Why should people care about whatContinue reading “Do you pass the ‘so what?’ test”

The depth and breadth of PR – why social isn’t a silo

Who owns social media? I’ve been pondering the question lately. Should it be advertising? Should it be PR? Should it be customer services? Or should it just stand alone? There are numerous answers and there are merits to them all. However, the one I believe against is that social media stands alone. If this isContinue reading “The depth and breadth of PR – why social isn’t a silo”

The 9-to-5 doesn’t exist anymore

Recently there’s been lots of coverage on Sheryl Sandberg’s public admission that she leaves work at 5.30pm. The COO of Facebook has been doing this ever since she had kids, but only now does she feel comfortable to talk about it. Cue the stories of work/life balance – stop working more than 40 hours aContinue reading “The 9-to-5 doesn’t exist anymore”

Reading Material: Digital Dieting

Rather than long, opinion-based blog posts I thought I’d try something new. According to a recent Economist article, ‘the wired generation [have] short attention spans and [an] addiction to social media’ so in an attempt to address this, I’m taking some time to reflect on what I’ve read, but naturally I’ll be sharing this via socialContinue reading “Reading Material: Digital Dieting”

Why driving needs to become more sharable

The Hotwire Digital Trends paper is a great thing. This year, a number of insights came out and one that caught my eye (from a personal interest perspective) was number ten: Automotive App Stores. SMMT figures show that new UK car registration forecasts have been revised down this year to 1.92 million – 20,000 lessContinue reading “Why driving needs to become more sharable”

Blogging for PRexamples.com

I’ve recently started to blog for PRexamples.com, a great site set up by Rich Leigh that pulls together examples of good or clever PR campaigns. My first blog went up on Friday, and I thought it worth sharing here: Dealing with derailment socially I woke this morning around 7.30AM to hear on the radio that thereContinue reading “Blogging for PRexamples.com”