Why you should say no to meetings in 2015

What’s that? A new blog post? It’s been a long time since I last put fingers to keys and typed something that could be deemed even remotely interesting – indeed some may argue I never have – but nonetheless with the colder days and darker nights, I thought why not. It’s been a busy year that hasContinue reading “Why you should say no to meetings in 2015”

Asian Britain: A Photographic History

Tonight marks the launch of the 2013 South Asian Literature Festival. It’s touted as ‘a platform generating interest and discussion about the themes and literary heritage of the subcontinent, reaching out to new audiences across the UK with established and emerging talent’ and the opening event was ‘Asian Britain: A Photographic History’, a look at aContinue reading “Asian Britain: A Photographic History”

Get on your bike and live London

It’s hard to find a place greater than London. I’ve tried Munich, I’ve tried Hamburg, heck I’ve even tried Coventry, but none of them are able to match up to that warm fuzzy feeling I get every time I look up in wonder at what London has to offer. I’ve recently rekindled my love ofContinue reading “Get on your bike and live London”

Is technology making us lonelier people?

In a previous post, I suggested that “we are still getting to grips when as and when technology should be used for certain things and in some cases, it takes away the ‘serendipity’ that day-to-day life can bring.” Three recent events made me think more about this statement. The first was a former client, whoContinue reading “Is technology making us lonelier people?”

24 Hours Unplugged: The Lessons

A follow-up to last weeks blog as posted on the Fleishman-Hillard blog: Last week marked ‘The National Day of Unplugging’ in the US. Based on the Jewish Sabbath, the unplug challenge was a simple one: survive 24 hours, from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday with ‘no connection’. No internet, no mobile. A seeminglyContinue reading “24 Hours Unplugged: The Lessons”

Unplugging for 24 hours: a test

From sunset tomorrow (Friday) is it the (US) National Day of Unplugging. Why am I highlighting this, given that I’m a so-called ‘Digital Native’ who endorses all things tech for a living? Surely I’d want you to be online as much as possible? Following the last post on digital diets, I’m coming round to theContinue reading “Unplugging for 24 hours: a test”

Reading Material: Digital Dieting

Rather than long, opinion-based blog posts I thought I’d try something new. According to a recent Economist article, ‘the wired generation [have] short attention spans and [an] addiction to social media’ so in an attempt to address this, I’m taking some time to reflect on what I’ve read, but naturally I’ll be sharing this via socialContinue reading “Reading Material: Digital Dieting”

In 2015, will our furniture still point towards a TV?

This week I’ve had some downtime, and a large part of it consisted of watching this video with my 2 year old nephew: On repeat. It wasn’t my choice, it was his. Armed with an iPad, he opened YouTube, said ‘bus, bus!’, which prompted me to type in ‘wheels on the bus’ and then heContinue reading “In 2015, will our furniture still point towards a TV?”

Why driving needs to become more sharable

The Hotwire Digital Trends paper is a great thing. This year, a number of insights came out and one that caught my eye (from a personal interest perspective) was number ten: Automotive App Stores. SMMT figures show that new UK car registration forecasts have been revised down this year to 1.92 million – 20,000 lessContinue reading “Why driving needs to become more sharable”