#Interaction: is digital better than human?

On Thursday, myself and Tom Cornfoot tweeted our way on to the guest list for Moving Brand‘s 13th birthday party. Following Tuesday’s D&AD talk, more brain food was warmly welcomed and we went along to their Shoreditch studios to find out more about the work they do and the ideas they discuss. The panel discussionContinue reading “#Interaction: is digital better than human?”

Where are you now?

A couple of weeks ago I went along to another CIPR Social Summer session in Russell Square. This time it was Drew Benvie, MD of Hotwire PR, talking about location-based social networks for PR – Facebook Places and Foursquare to the man on the street. Since the talk, Facebook announced that it’s killing Facebook Places but nonetheless, here’s a short write upContinue reading “Where are you now?”

Making a new classic

I’m currently reading Wally Olin’s ‘On Brand’ book (kindly leant to me by Tom Cornfoot – you’ll get it back soon Tom, promise) and as a car and brand geek I have thoroughly enjoyed the chapter on the origins of Volkswagen. Olin explains that over time, the Beetle went from a utilitarian vehicle to a veryContinue reading “Making a new classic”

What (was) on your mind?

I came across this TED talk last week by Adam Ostrow titled ‘After your final status update’ in which he talks about what happens to your personality after you’ve died. Do you live on? He cites the example of a cancer sufferer who left a posthumous blog post for his family to publish. It was anContinue reading “What (was) on your mind?”

Could you sort of, maybe, perhaps?

I’ve been thinking a lot about language lately. On a recent trip to France, I found myself in the company of two Francophiles who had an extremely high level of English. Even still, I was consciously trying to be more concise with my language. I refrained from idioms and slang to avoid having to breakContinue reading “Could you sort of, maybe, perhaps?”

Hi everyone. My name’s Asad, and I’m a brand snob.

I realised I might have a problem after the following exchange happened last week: “I’m not buying a Kia!” I say to a colleague. “Why ever not? They’re good you know,” he replies. And yet I just don’t believe him. He protests that the proof is in the pudding – I need to try oneContinue reading “Hi everyone. My name’s Asad, and I’m a brand snob.”

What’s that, you say? Does the English language really hold power?

I came across an article in the FT weekend magazine by Simon Kuper today that got me thinking again about language and the power it carries. The writer Angela Carter wrote that ‘language is power’, and Kuper argues the same. However his argument is based around English, saying that Christine Lagarde (French finance minister) hasContinue reading “What’s that, you say? Does the English language really hold power?”

Life in a Day: film crowdsourcing at its best

I love the idea of crowdsourcing. I’ve received a few comments that suggest crowd sourcing is the lazy man’s marketing. Why come up with an idea yourself when you can get others to do it for you? I don’t agree. The basic marketing principles that have been instilled upon me have made me aware thatContinue reading “Life in a Day: film crowdsourcing at its best”

I’m in a shopping centre, get me out of here!

I rarely enter shopping centres. There are three reasons why I might: 1. To try out a product I will buy online 2. I am with someone else and helping them find something 3. I can’t find the clothes I want on ASOS I’m a big fan of online shopping and today I realised thatContinue reading “I’m in a shopping centre, get me out of here!”