About me

It’s funny how this blog has developed over the years.

I started it in 2011. A time when blogging was something of a craze. Now even the tiniest of companies runs its own blog and I look back over my posts with a sense of fondness about the things I was going through.

A bit about me: I am fascinated by people, culture, business and technology. I started out writing about new trends and my observations of working in PR and marketing.

As time has passed I’ve written about things more personal to me – my faith and my sexuality. My writing has since been featured on the Huffington Post, Vice, the Independent and the Evening Standard. I’ve even been quoted in Buzzfeed. I suppose that’s the juicier stuff.

I’ve also started a podcast – Muslim Pride. I want to share the stories of other Muslims around the world to create a counter voice to what you read in the mainstream press today.

I hope you like what you read. If you’d like to get in touch then please do!

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