Geek that was: Twitter leads the news cycle

In the news over the past week… Twitter leads the news cycle Eleanor Mills from the Sunday Times has contributed to an insightful blog about how Twitter and newspapers work together. She says that Twitter is how journalists look for breaking news, but a real benefit for her is interacting with her readers. She alsoContinue reading “Geek that was: Twitter leads the news cycle”

The 9-to-5 doesn’t exist anymore

Recently there’s been lots of coverage on Sheryl Sandberg’s public admission that she leaves work at 5.30pm. The COO of Facebook has been doing this ever since she had kids, but only now does she feel comfortable to talk about it. Cue the stories of work/life balance – stop working more than 40 hours aContinue reading “The 9-to-5 doesn’t exist anymore”

Reading Material: Digital Dieting

Rather than long, opinion-based blog posts I thought I’d try something new. According to a recent Economist article, ‘the wired generation [have] short attention spans and [an] addiction to social media’ so in an attempt to address this, I’m taking some time to reflect on what I’ve read, but naturally I’ll be sharing this via socialContinue reading “Reading Material: Digital Dieting”

Blogging for

I’ve recently started to blog for, a great site set up by Rich Leigh that pulls together examples of good or clever PR campaigns. My first blog went up on Friday, and I thought it worth sharing here: Dealing with derailment socially I woke this morning around 7.30AM to hear on the radio that thereContinue reading “Blogging for”

How social makes your life easier

So we can all talk to one another about brands and products in person and now online, but how exactly has social media made your life as a consumer easier? This year, I’ve seen clients up their spend on social media and online campaigns and so I want to distill some of the thinking behindContinue reading “How social makes your life easier”

What (was) on your mind?

I came across this TED talk last week by Adam Ostrow titled ‘After your final status update’ in which he talks about what happens to your personality after you’ve died. Do you live on? He cites the example of a cancer sufferer who left a posthumous blog post for his family to publish. It was anContinue reading “What (was) on your mind?”

Life in a Day: film crowdsourcing at its best

I love the idea of crowdsourcing. I’ve received a few comments that suggest crowd sourcing is the lazy man’s marketing. Why come up with an idea yourself when you can get others to do it for you? I don’t agree. The basic marketing principles that have been instilled upon me have made me aware thatContinue reading “Life in a Day: film crowdsourcing at its best”

Are social networks killing social lives?

I attended the first of the CIPR’s Social Summer series on Thursday, entitled ‘How to get ahead in social. How to build your online reputation’ given by Stephen Waddington, MD at Speed Communications. Timely really, as I’ve just started this blog and starting out in PR means I’m getting to grips with managing reputations andContinue reading “Are social networks killing social lives?”