The depth and breadth of PR – why social isn’t a silo

Who owns social media? I’ve been pondering the question lately. Should it be advertising? Should it be PR? Should it be customer services? Or should it just stand alone? There are numerous answers and there are merits to them all. However, the one I believe against is that social media stands alone. If this isContinue reading “The depth and breadth of PR – why social isn’t a silo”

What (was) on your mind?

I came across this TED talk last week by Adam Ostrow titled ‘After your final status update’┬áin which he talks about what happens to your personality after you’ve died. Do you live on? He cites the example of a cancer sufferer who left a posthumous blog post for his family to publish. It was anContinue reading “What (was) on your mind?”

Are social networks killing social lives?

I attended the first of the CIPR’s Social Summer series on Thursday, entitled ‘How to get ahead in social. How to build your online reputation’ given by Stephen Waddington, MD at Speed Communications. Timely really, as I’ve just started this blog and starting out in PR means I’m getting to grips with managing reputations andContinue reading “Are social networks killing social lives?”