We Found Influence In a Fragmented Age #AWEurope

I’m slightly obsessed with influence at the moment. Rereading (well, listening via Audible) Robert Cialdini’s Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion has reminded me of the numerous tactics you can use to – I’m loathed to say it – get what you want. Providing a reason for your request is one such tactic. Suffixing an ask withContinue reading “We Found Influence In a Fragmented Age #AWEurope”

Why you should say no to meetings in 2015

What’s that? A new blog post? It’s been a long time since I last put fingers to keys and typed something that could be deemed even remotely interesting – indeed some may argue I never have – but nonetheless with the colder days and darker nights, I thought why not. It’s been a busy year that hasContinue reading “Why you should say no to meetings in 2015”

Do you pass the ‘so what?’ test

Very early in my career I was told about the litmus test…the ‘so what?’ It was applied to everything, from new business pitches to selling in to a journalist, you should always be asking yourself, how will you answer if the other person sits there and replies ‘so what?’ Why should people care about whatContinue reading “Do you pass the ‘so what?’ test”

Why isn’t PR a diverse industry?

PR isn’t a diverse industry. There, I said it. Only 8% of PR practitioners are from ethnic minorities. This is according to the PRCA, reported this week on the Guardian. I’m saving the reasons why this needs to change for a future blog post, but today I’m going to explore why, in my experience, PR isn’tContinue reading “Why isn’t PR a diverse industry?”

Things the Internet taught me this week: three

The Internet is a wondrous thing and this week it taught me the following: BillPin One of the best things of eating out when I lived in Germany was that the waiter or waitress would carry around a fashionable bumbag and ask at the end of the meal ‘bezahlen Sie getrennt or zusammen?’. Are you paying separatelyContinue reading “Things the Internet taught me this week: three”

A cold, wet and windy brainstorm

Brainstorms are tough. On the one hand I love them, on the other I loathe them. Why such disparity in my thoughts? It comes down to how they’re run. Free-flowing creativity should be easy, right? Wrong. You need some rules. There are some here that will help you. For me, the top three rules (areContinue reading “A cold, wet and windy brainstorm”

Three things the Internet taught me this week: two

Three more things that the interwebs has taught me in the past week are here! Karma Chameleon A great app that I spotted on Think Tank PR’s Twitter feed this week is the iPad Chameleon Clock. This hasn’t really taught me anything, but it just looks really, really cool. Blackberries are embarrassing According to BetaBeat,Continue reading “Three things the Internet taught me this week: two”