12 lessons I’ve learnt from 12 months at a start-up

Back then we weren’t European Travel Innovator of the Year. The idea of showing OTA prices on a hotel website seemed ludicrous to many and our talented team was less than a quarter of the size it is today. A very close friend of mine always ponders “think about what happened one year ago andContinue reading “12 lessons I’ve learnt from 12 months at a start-up”

Asian Britain: A Photographic History

Tonight marks the launch of the 2013 South Asian Literature Festival. It’s touted as ‘a platform generating interest and discussion about the themes and literary heritage of the subcontinent, reaching out to new audiences across the UK with established and emerging talent’ and the opening event was ‘Asian Britain: A Photographic History’, a look at aContinue reading “Asian Britain: A Photographic History”

Does food have to look good?

8 days into a month of fasting. Just over a quarter of the way through. 22 left to go. Not that I’m counting or anything. The past three days have been exhausting. The lack of a full night’s sleep due to waking up before sunrise to eat, the full on heatwave and a hectic workloadContinue reading “Does food have to look good?”

Some Ramadan Lessons So Far

About a week in and what have I learnt? A Fast Look at Three Important Traits I’m really starting to enjoy fasting. There, I said it. In my first blog post I wrote about how I wasn’t quite sure about giving up food and drink this year; due to a combination of questioning my faith and alsoContinue reading “Some Ramadan Lessons So Far”

Ramadan: Day One

I penned some thoughts on the first day of Ramadan over on the Huffington Post. Check it out… Day One in the Big Ramadan House The headline only works if you say it in Marcus Bentley‘s Big Brother narrator voice, so apologies to you if that’s one cultural reference too far. So here we are; day one ofContinue reading “Ramadan: Day One”

Why isn’t PR a diverse industry?

PR isn’t a diverse industry. There, I said it. Only 8% of PR practitioners are from ethnic minorities. This is according to the PRCA, reported this week on the Guardian. I’m saving the reasons why this needs to change for a future blog post, but today I’m going to explore why, in my experience, PR isn’tContinue reading “Why isn’t PR a diverse industry?”