Why you should say no to meetings in 2015

What’s that? A new blog post? It’s been a long time since I last put fingers to keys and typed something that could be deemed even remotely interesting – indeed some may argue I never have – but nonetheless with the colder days and darker nights, I thought why not. It’s been a busy year that hasContinue reading “Why you should say no to meetings in 2015”

#nomakeupselfie works no matter the motive

I will caveat this blog post with two things up front: I spend my life (and a large part of my career) trying to understand how news spreads and why we behave the way we do on the Internet This week I have seen my mum go through the first steps of her breast cancerContinue reading “#nomakeupselfie works no matter the motive”

Asian Britain: A Photographic History

Tonight marks the launch of the 2013 South Asian Literature Festival. It’s touted as ‘a platform generating interest and discussion about the themes and literary heritage of the subcontinent, reaching out to new audiences across the UK with established and emerging talent’ and the opening event was ‘Asian Britain: A Photographic History’, a look at aContinue reading “Asian Britain: A Photographic History”

Things the Internet taught me this week: three

The Internet is a wondrous thing and this week it taught me the following: BillPin One of the best things of eating out when I lived in Germany was that the waiter or waitress would carry around a fashionable bumbag and ask at the end of the meal ‘bezahlen Sie getrennt or zusammen?’. Are you paying separatelyContinue reading “Things the Internet taught me this week: three”

Three things the Internet taught me this week: two

Three more things that the interwebs has taught me in the past week are here! Karma Chameleon A great app that I spotted on Think Tank PR’s Twitter feed this week is the iPad Chameleon Clock. This hasn’t really taught me anything, but it just looks really, really cool. Blackberries are embarrassing According to BetaBeat,Continue reading “Three things the Internet taught me this week: two”

Three things the Internet taught me this week: one

Trying something new this week. Posting three things that have caught my attention in the real world of the interwebs: 1. Failing to be creative According to a Harvard Business School blog, the number one enemy of creativity is the fear of failure. An article that’s really worth a read, highlighting the need to understandContinue reading “Three things the Internet taught me this week: one”

From ownership to membership; a cultural shift

We all like to feel part of something, right? This week I was extremely lucky to be invited to Contagious Magazine’s Now Next Why event in London (#contagiousnnw), an event jam-packed with talks and case studies of various length on the current trends, technologies and truths surrounding the future of marketing. The topics were broad,Continue reading “From ownership to membership; a cultural shift”

Have you stopped asking questions?

I’m soon approaching 25. The big 2-5. Half way to 50. Whilst many reading this will baulk at the idea that such a lowly milestone warrants a blog, bear with me. One thing I’m realising about getting older is that I ask fewer questions as the months pass by. Not because the need for questions doesn’t ariseContinue reading “Have you stopped asking questions?”

Are we aligned? It’s time to banish corporate speak.

Corporate jargon; isn’t it a great thing? Siobhan Sharpe on BBC’s brilliant Twenty Twelve sitcom is a genius at representing the PR world and she has voiced some brilliant one liners such as ‘if you have a plan b it just means you plan to fail’. Last month I found myself falling into the corporateContinue reading “Are we aligned? It’s time to banish corporate speak.”

The 9-to-5 doesn’t exist anymore

Recently there’s been lots of coverage on Sheryl Sandberg’s public admission that she leaves work at 5.30pm. The COO of Facebook has been doing this ever since she had kids, but only now does she feel comfortable to talk about it. Cue the stories of work/life balance – stop working more than 40 hours aContinue reading “The 9-to-5 doesn’t exist anymore”