Things the Internet taught me this week: three

The Internet is a wondrous thing and this week it taught me the following:


One of the best things of eating out when I lived in Germany was that the waiter or waitress would carry around a fashionable bumbag and ask at the end of the meal ‘bezahlen Sie getrennt or zusammen?’. Are you paying separately or together? Separately always for the win, and each diner could pay what they owed using cash. Cash I say!

Such fashionable bumbags have yet to take off in the UK, however BillPin looks to save the day. A handy app that helps you to remember how much you owe your friends for bills, food and other such extravagances. Check it out.

Twitter hacking

Another week, another Twitter hacking. Following HMV’s fail, this week Burger King was the victim of a Twitter hacker (Twacker?) Increasingly such occurances are hitting the mainstream media, with Sky News and BBC News covering it. More worrying, as tweeted by Matt Muir, the likes of MTV are trying to fake their own hijacking to gain attention. There’s a question to be asked here: who’s in charge of your social media channels? Is it still the intern or most junior staff in the building? Maybe you ought to rethink…


It took a while but I finally got round to playing with Vine last weekend. And it’s fun. There are thousands of articles out there praising or damning it, but the only real way to form your opinion is to give it a go. Which is exactly what I did. Fun times. I’ve also started to see some Vine celebrities appear. It’s only a matter of time until we see the next wave of ‘Vloggers’ on the platform…Get thinking PRs.

Check out these creative uses of Vine on Mashable.

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