Is technology making us lonelier people?

In a previous post, I suggested that “we are still getting to grips when as and when technology should be used for certain things and in some cases, it takes away the ‘serendipity’ that day-to-day life can bring.” Three recent events made me think more about this statement. The first was a former client, whoContinue reading “Is technology making us lonelier people?”

24 Hours Unplugged: The Lessons

A follow-up to last weeks blog as posted on the Fleishman-Hillard blog: Last week marked ‘The National Day of Unplugging’ in the US. Based on the Jewish Sabbath, the unplug challenge was a simple one: survive 24 hours, from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday with ‘no connection’. No internet, no mobile. A seeminglyContinue reading “24 Hours Unplugged: The Lessons”

Unplugging for 24 hours: a test

From sunset tomorrow (Friday) is it the (US) National Day of Unplugging. Why am I highlighting this, given that I’m a so-called ‘Digital Native’ who endorses all things tech for a living? Surely I’d want you to be online as much as possible? Following the last post on digital diets, I’m coming round to theContinue reading “Unplugging for 24 hours: a test”

Reading Material: Digital Dieting

Rather than long, opinion-based blog posts I thought I’d try something new. According to a recent Economist article, ‘the wired generation [have] short attention spans and [an] addiction to social media’ so in an attempt to address this, I’m taking some time to reflect on what I’ve read, but naturally I’ll be sharing this via socialContinue reading “Reading Material: Digital Dieting”

The need to embrace social and digital

Nothing gives me more of a buzz than catching articles in the mainstream media about the power and importance of social media in today’s society. This evening, I caught an article in the Evening Standard by Gideon Spanier talking about the importance of sharing and the value this brings as per comments made by TimContinue reading “The need to embrace social and digital”

Social, Mobile & Business Success: a #NokiaWorld panel debate

I was lucky enough to attend Nokia World with work this year. In between writing communications content on the long-awaited Nokia Lumia 800, the first handset running Windows Phone Mango, it was great to sit in on some of the presentations and debates that were going on around the ExCel centre. ‘Business without barriers’ capturedContinue reading “Social, Mobile & Business Success: a #NokiaWorld panel debate”

#Interaction: is digital better than human?

On Thursday, myself and Tom Cornfoot tweeted our way on to the guest list for Moving Brand‘s 13th birthday party. Following Tuesday’s D&AD talk, more brain food was warmly welcomed and we went along to their Shoreditch studios to find out more about the work they do and the ideas they discuss. The panel discussionContinue reading “#Interaction: is digital better than human?”

Creativity can change the world, but what exactly?

‘Use Your Creativity to Change the World’ claimed the D&AD Sharp’ner debate yesterday. I made it down to The Hospital Club to find out more about what five of the leading minds in UK’s creative industry had to say on the subject of ‘creativity’ and ‘change’ and here’s how it went down: Simon Manchipp started byContinue reading “Creativity can change the world, but what exactly?”

Branding the BRICs

Over the past fortnight, I’ve found myself thinking more and more about emerging markets again. I studied a bit of international marketing at university, which gave me a solid base of knowledge when it comes to the theories around culture differences, from Hofstede’s four principles to Edward Hall’s Beyond Culture, and it was great toContinue reading “Branding the BRICs”