Are you the same same, but different?

On a road trip over the weekend two friends and I were discussing where the term “same same, but different” came from. According to the trusted resource that is Urban Dictionary, it’s used a lot in Thailand, but it’s also the title of a song from the film “Bombay to Bangkok”. Oh how we laughed,Continue reading “Are you the same same, but different?”

Do you pass the ‘so what?’ test

Very early in my career I was told about the litmus test…the ‘so what?’ It was applied to everything, from new business pitches to selling in to a journalist, you should always be asking yourself, how will you answer if the other person sits there and replies ‘so what?’ Why should people care about whatContinue reading “Do you pass the ‘so what?’ test”

The depth and breadth of PR – why social isn’t a silo

Who owns social media? I’ve been pondering the question lately. Should it be advertising? Should it be PR? Should it be customer services? Or should it just stand alone? There are numerous answers and there are merits to them all. However, the one I believe against is that social media stands alone. If this isContinue reading “The depth and breadth of PR – why social isn’t a silo”

Blogging for

I’ve recently started to blog for, a great site set up by Rich Leigh┬áthat pulls together examples of good or clever PR campaigns. My first blog went up on Friday, and I thought it worth sharing here: Dealing with derailment socially I woke this morning around 7.30AM to hear on the radio that thereContinue reading “Blogging for”

How social makes your life easier

So we can all talk to one another about brands and products in person and now online, but how exactly has social media made your life as a consumer easier? This year, I’ve seen clients up their spend on social media and online campaigns and so I want to distill some of the thinking behindContinue reading “How social makes your life easier”

The need to embrace social and digital

Nothing gives me more of a buzz than catching articles in the mainstream media about the power and importance of social media in today’s society. This evening, I caught an article in the Evening Standard by Gideon Spanier talking about the importance of sharing and the value this brings as per comments made by TimContinue reading “The need to embrace social and digital”

Are social networks killing social lives?

I attended the first of the CIPR’s Social Summer series on Thursday, entitled ‘How to get ahead in social. How to build your online reputation’ given by Stephen Waddington, MD at Speed Communications. Timely really, as I’ve just started this blog and starting out in PR means I’m getting to grips with managing reputations andContinue reading “Are social networks killing social lives?”

It’s time to blog

I’ve been thinking about blogging for a very long time now, and I’ve finally got round to starting one. I’m going to use it to post my thoughts and opinions on the PR and social media worlds – the industry I work in, as well as on cars and technology – two of my biggestContinue reading “It’s time to blog”