Clever Campaigns

This week I’ve been spending some time looking at how to use film to create a digital campaign and my eyes lit up when I saw the Mercedes Benz ‘Escape the map‘ film on the weekend. The premise is simple: an interactive film that puts you in control of a C63 AMG to help aContinue reading “Clever Campaigns”

The need to embrace social and digital

Nothing gives me more of a buzz than catching articles in the mainstream media about the power and importance of social media in today’s society. This evening, I caught an article in the Evening Standard by Gideon Spanier talking about the importance of sharing and the value this brings as per comments made by TimContinue reading “The need to embrace social and digital”

Branded content – a growing trend

A few projects I’ve been working on lately have seen branded content come to the fore. It seems that brands are looking to create content that will be of interest to their audience so that both their brand awareness and reputation improve. I came across an article on this subject in the Evening Standard thisContinue reading “Branded content – a growing trend”

Making a new classic

I’m currently reading Wally Olin’s ‘On Brand’ book (kindly leant to me by Tom Cornfoot – you’ll get it back soon Tom, promise) and as a car and brand geek I have thoroughly enjoyed the chapter on the origins of Volkswagen. Olin explains that over time, the Beetle went from a utilitarian vehicle to a veryContinue reading “Making a new classic”

Hi everyone. My name’s Asad, and I’m a brand snob.

I realised I might have a problem after the following exchange happened last week: “I’m not buying a Kia!” I say to a colleague. “Why ever not? They’re good you know,” he replies. And yet I just don’t believe him. He protests that the proof is in the pudding – I need to try oneContinue reading “Hi everyone. My name’s Asad, and I’m a brand snob.”

Branding the BRICs

Over the past fortnight, I’ve found myself thinking more and more about emerging markets again. I studied a bit of international marketing at university, which gave me a solid base of knowledge when it comes to the theories around culture differences, from Hofstede’s four principles to Edward Hall’s Beyond Culture, and it was great toContinue reading “Branding the BRICs”

I’m in a shopping centre, get me out of here!

I rarely enter shopping centres. There are three reasons why I might: 1. To try out a product I will buy online 2. I am with someone else and helping them find something 3. I can’t find the clothes I want on ASOS I’m a big fan of online shopping and today I realised thatContinue reading “I’m in a shopping centre, get me out of here!”