We Found Influence In a Fragmented Age #AWEurope

I’m slightly obsessed with influence at the moment. Rereading (well, listening via Audible) Robert Cialdini’s Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion┬áhas reminded me of the numerous tactics you can use to – I’m loathed to say it – get what you want. Providing a reason for your request is one such tactic. Suffixing an ask withContinue reading “We Found Influence In a Fragmented Age #AWEurope”

Branded content – a growing trend

A few projects I’ve been working on lately have seen branded content come to the fore. It seems that brands are looking to create content that will be of interest to their audience so that both their brand awareness and reputation improve. I came across an article on this subject in the Evening Standard thisContinue reading “Branded content – a growing trend”