Three things the Internet taught me this week: one

Trying something new this week. Posting three things that have caught my attention in the real world of the interwebs: 1. Failing to be creative According to a Harvard Business School blog, the number one enemy of creativity is the fear of failure. An article that’s really worth a read, highlighting the need to understandContinue reading “Three things the Internet taught me this week: one”

From ownership to membership; a cultural shift

We all like to feel part of something, right? This week I was extremely lucky to be invited to Contagious Magazine’s Now Next Why event in London (#contagiousnnw), an event jam-packed with talks and case studies of various length on the current trends, technologies and truths surrounding the future of marketing. The topics were broad,Continue reading “From ownership to membership; a cultural shift”

Are we aligned? It’s time to banish corporate speak.

Corporate jargon; isn’t it a great thing? Siobhan Sharpe on BBC’s brilliant Twenty Twelve sitcom is a genius at representing the PR world and she has voiced some brilliant one liners such as ‘if you have a plan b it just means you plan to fail’. Last month I found myself falling into the corporateContinue reading “Are we aligned? It’s time to banish corporate speak.”

The depth and breadth of PR – why social isn’t a silo

Who owns social media? I’ve been pondering the question lately. Should it be advertising? Should it be PR? Should it be customer services? Or should it just stand alone? There are numerous answers and there are merits to them all. However, the one I believe against is that social media stands alone. If this isContinue reading “The depth and breadth of PR – why social isn’t a silo”

The 9-to-5 doesn’t exist anymore

Recently there’s been lots of coverage on Sheryl Sandberg’s public admission that she leaves work at 5.30pm. The COO of Facebook has been doing this ever since she had kids, but only now does she feel comfortable to talk about it. Cue the stories of work/life balance – stop working more than 40 hours aContinue reading “The 9-to-5 doesn’t exist anymore”

Is technology making us lonelier people?

In a previous post, I suggested that “we are still getting to grips when as and when technology should be used for certain things and in some cases, it takes away the ‘serendipity’ that day-to-day life can bring.” Three recent events made me think more about this statement. The first was a former client, whoContinue reading “Is technology making us lonelier people?”

Why driving needs to become more sharable

The Hotwire Digital Trends paper is a great thing. This year, a number of insights came out and one that caught my eye (from a personal interest perspective) was number ten: Automotive App Stores. SMMT figures show that new UK car registration forecasts have been revised down this year to 1.92 million – 20,000 lessContinue reading “Why driving needs to become more sharable”

Blogging for

I’ve recently started to blog for, a great site set up by Rich Leigh that pulls together examples of good or clever PR campaigns. My first blog went up on Friday, and I thought it worth sharing here: Dealing with derailment socially I woke this morning around 7.30AM to hear on the radio that thereContinue reading “Blogging for”

How social makes your life easier

So we can all talk to one another about brands and products in person and now online, but how exactly has social media made your life as a consumer easier? This year, I’ve seen clients up their spend on social media and online campaigns and so I want to distill some of the thinking behindContinue reading “How social makes your life easier”