Geek that was: Twitter leads the news cycle

In the news over the past week…

Twitter leads the news cycle

Eleanor Mills from the Sunday Times has contributed to an insightful blog about how Twitter and newspapers work together. She says that Twitter is how journalists look for breaking news, but a real benefit for her is interacting with her readers. She also cites the Oscars selfie as proof of how the news cycle has changed – Twitter leads it, newspapers follow. It’s a really good read, and I encourage everyone in the building to click here to find out more. There’s also a video. So multi-channel content. Similarly,this FT article on how broadcasters are trying to handle the future of news (BBC’s Instagram account is really worth following – #instafax) is another good read of the week.

#TwitterFictionFestival 2014

It’s all about storytelling. It’s all about social media. Have you fallen off your chair, yet? The #TwitterFictionFestival took place last week – there are people writing stories through the 140-charater-medium. It’s worth checking out because it’s the future. And who doesn’t want to see into the future? By the way, here are 12 things ‘Back to the Future’ thought we would probably have by now.


Hashtag strategies are important. For some brands, they are a way to make things look fresh and modern, for others they are a way of naming a campaign in a way that the end-user/consumer is likely to talk about it. When you’re coming up with any campaign, don’t just slap a hashtag on it. Do some research, think about how it would be responded to, and make sure you’re using something that doesn’t end up as the next #susanalbumparty. As an aside, here are 16 inexplicably popular Instagram hashtags.  

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