Could you sort of, maybe, perhaps?

I’ve been thinking a lot about language lately. On a recent trip to France, I found myself in the company of two Francophiles who had an extremely high level of English. Even still, I was consciously trying to be more concise with my language. I refrained from idioms and slang to avoid having to breakContinue reading “Could you sort of, maybe, perhaps?”

What’s that, you say? Does the English language really hold power?

I came across an article in the FT weekend magazine by Simon Kuper today that got me thinking again about language and the power it carries. The writer Angela Carter wrote that ‘language is power’, and Kuper argues the same. However his argument is based around English, saying that Christine Lagarde (French finance minister) hasContinue reading “What’s that, you say? Does the English language really hold power?”