On the diversity bus

One of the hardest things about Ramadan for me is not being able to cycle around London. I know that getting on my bike might seem like a good idea at first, but the energy and fatigue it would cause just wouldn’t be worth it. As a result, I’ve been reliant on the London busContinue reading “On the diversity bus”

What to do at lunchtime during Ramadan

Lunchtime. Time for a break. A bit of sustenance and a pick me up for the afternoon. Not so. Today I find myself half way through a film shoot. It hasn’t been an overly strenuous – things have sort of fallen into place along the way – but I’m feeling the fatigue. Yesterday I wroteContinue reading “What to do at lunchtime during Ramadan”

Why I’m starting a daily Ramadan diary

How smoke, it’s Ramadan again! I can’t believe it’s been a year since the last one. What’s changed? I’ve moved house. For the first time I’m living alone. I don’t have to feel worried about waking up my non-Muslim flatmate when getting up to eat Sehri (the sunrise meal). I am working from home. IContinue reading “Why I’m starting a daily Ramadan diary”

Cutting your arm off

The Stonewall Faith Seminar was a fantastic event to meet other members of faith within the LGBT community. The Evening Standard came down and featured Imam Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed talking about the work he’s doing in France on inclusivity in Islam. I was also featured in their news story. Read it here: Being gay and Muslim is ‘likeContinue reading “Cutting your arm off”

12 lessons I’ve learnt from 12 months at a start-up

Back then we weren’t European Travel Innovator of the Year. The idea of showing OTA prices on a hotel website seemed ludicrous to many and our talented team was less than a quarter of the size it is today. A very close friend of mine always ponders “think about what happened one year ago andContinue reading “12 lessons I’ve learnt from 12 months at a start-up”

God bless the uncertainty of Eid

In central London this morning you may witness hundreds of dish dashes roaming around. Your eyes are not deceiving you. You are not in the Arabian desert. You are simply near Regent’s Park mosque and you have just witnessed the start of this year’s Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations. Millions of Muslims worldwide woke up today and headedContinue reading “God bless the uncertainty of Eid”