Write here, write now

This has been a long time coming. Since my last blog post I have started a new job and goodness me have things been busy. I’ve felt bad every time I look at my blog to see I haven’t written anything for yet another month. I’ve looked back over the months and years with a fondness of what I’ve been writing – there really are some trite posts on here though! Two years ago I was blathering on about saying no to meetings. What was that about?

I read somewhere that writing is like any other muscle. It is easy to lose strength without continual training. It’s so very true. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately writing for others – for brands, for people, for events – and forgetting to gather my own thoughts here. Here are a few things I’ve been thinking about lately:


We’re living in a very tumultuous time where the world is being split quite clearly down the middle. Liberal inclusion vs. conservative partisanship. I’m more interested in the day-to-day impact of this and I feel it every time I get a taxi through work – aka not an Uber.

Any taxi driver I’ve had through a mini cab firm has almost ways brought up Brexit. From the driver taking me to the Sky News studio a few months ago to the one taking me to a talk at a leading law firm. Brexit is a natural topic of conversation and we always fall on different sides of the fence. Me: Remainer. Driver: Brexiteer.

What it shows is a very clear split in where the virtues and flaws of the European Union have been shared. I was lucky enough to learn about the foundation of the EU at university – namely through post-war Germany and the importance of a political union of peace – however this wasn’t the case for all. Is it any wonder, then, that we are where we are?

What’s more concerning is the role of the press in fueling hatred.


I am always thinking about diversity personally and professionally. It’s inextricably linked with Brexit in my opinion. Diversity of thought, of gender, of race – these are things that are extremely important to me.

Being part of PrideAM has been an absolute privilege and looking back on our first anniversary I never thought I’d see a day when I’d be hosting a panel with a drag queen among others at a leading advertising agency. To me that is a sign that things are changing and I feel hopeful about the change we’re going to see in the coming years.


Working in the technology team of one of the world’s best PR agencies is a dream come through. I have the rare, and excellent opportunity to spend my working days thinking about how companies around the world are changing – so many wishing to become a technology company or working to integrate technology into their day-to-day operations. Whether that’s through new processes or looking at how to partner with innovative start-ups, the role of technology in our lives is fascinating.

Almost every single facet of life has been changed by technology throughout the decades. I recently read (well, listened to) Aziz Ansari’s excellent Modern Romance on recommendation from a friend and his research into how technology has changed courting, dating, romance, weddings and raising children is well worth exploring.

I went through a short phase of feeling completely overwhelmed by it. Are we forgetting how to connect with people? Are we losing the art of conversation? People said the same about landlines and televisions, so we just have to adjust and stay true to being human.

Just a few things to write here, write now. In two years’ time I imagine I’ll look back on this post and wonder – goodness, what was I on about?

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