The best-laid plans

My intention was to write a post a day during Ramadan. It was a noble intention – to keep track of my feelings and thoughts as the month progressed.
And then Calais happened. Last weekend I found myself in ‘The Jungle’ – a refugee camp in Calais where there are over 3,000 refugees and migrants trying to make their way to the UK. It was an eye opening experience. One that made me realise that my struggles – on the grand scheme of things – are nothing compared to those of the people I met. I also realised that the way the ‘migrant crisis’ is portrayed in the UK media does not take into account the full nuance of what’s happening. Yes, these people left their country. Did they have a choice? The answer to that is subjective. What it does mean is that we – as a human race – need to pay attention to the fact that decisions made in board and cabinet rooms have a real impact on human lives.
Just as I thought I’d get back to my fairly banal musings, Orlando happened. I want to say it has sent a ripple through the Muslim and LGBT communities, but it’s really sent a ripple through the world. The equality and peace we thought we were reaching has been undermined. An earthquake to the otherwise stable ground of liberalness. The shooting then triggered e-mails, phone calls, interviews, appearances, photos and events. It’s fair to say it was truly a whirlwind. So much for the simple daily diary.
It’s made me learn that no matter how good your intention might be, life happens. And when life happens it causes upheaval. Through all of these events I feel so very thankful for what I’ve got and what I’ve been given. It’s caused a big readjustment in the way I think about things.
We’ve reached the half way mark of Ramadan. This is the time I find the hardest. I can’t remember life pre-fasting and a life post-fasting still seems quite far away. Onwards!

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