(Don’t) read all about it

It was a landmark weekend, wasn’t it? Facebook and streets of the world went rainbow coloured and we’re now, it would seem, living in a new world. More to follow on that soon. Until then, here are three articles that are making me just a little bit smarter this week:

Making big decisions is hard

This is a very long piece, but well written. Bookmark it for Sunday. Mark Hill looks at 4 reasons why we find making decisions difficult. He argues that through too much choice, FOMO, constant questioning and misguided advice to follow our dreams, we’ll struggle for some years yet on making big decisions. Well worth a read.

Pay per page

Amazon is changing how it pays authors. Instead of being paid per book, authors will be paid per page turned. As reading becomes more and more digitised, the impact on the supply chain will mean a change in how books are written. Peter Wayner argues “a system with per-page payouts is a system that rewards cliffhangers and mysteries. It rewards anything that keeps people hooked.” Could this be the end of a lazy Sunday read?

Nobody goes on the internet to read

This one has really stretched my brain this week. A short post on Medium argues that when you go into the real world, you rarely see people glued to their computer screens reading short or long form articles. Instead they are demanding small nuggets of information, which is at odds with the masses of articles and literature that is being digitised. Perhaps a laughable article when we look back in years to come, but it ties into some (offline) reading I’ve been doing about how the internet is changing inbound / demand generation for companies.

There you have it. Have a great week!

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