Is the work life balance a myth?

It’s been three weeks since I hit publish on my last ‘start your week smarter’ post. Truth be told, I ran my first marathon and like everyone got caught up in the throws of work as we all do. However, ‘being busy‘ is not an excuse and so fear not, here are some articles to help you start your week cleverer than you were just seven days ago.

The work life balance is a myth

The Farnham Street blog is a haven of well written, thought provoking articles. In fact, the weekly newsletter makes for a perfect Sunday afternoon of reading and tea sipping. My favourite article this week focusses on the work life balance argument (something I grapple with) and how: we should stop thinking in terms of work-life balance. Work-life balance is a concept that has us simply lashing ourselves on the back and working too hard in each of the three commitments. In the ensuing exhaustion we ultimately give up on one or more of them to gain an easier life.

Click the link in the headline to find out why we live a life of paradox. Of seeking comfort in company and yet longing to be alone as we come to a sense of meaning and belonging “only through long periods of exile and loneliness.” On a more practical note if you’re looking for a balance, read prioritise your life before your manager does it for you.

Are go getters and true leaders the same thing?

Two articles got me thinking about the same topic this week. The first: Being a Go-Getter is No Fun speaks of the extra work and burden that is placed on those who often go the extra mile at work. A new paper from Duke University found thatresponsible employees are not terribly pleased when everyone turns to them at crucial moments.

When you pair that with The Counter-Intuitive Traits of the World’s Best Leaders you start to wonder whether that’s really an issue. In this post the author argues that the key to being the best leader is to be opinionated and adaptable. Perhaps Go-Getters too should be adaptable and just accept the responsibility that to some degree is self inflicted?

The deed poll is cheaper than Ryanair

A light hearted article to round out today’s post. A student changed his name by deed poll because it was cheaper than the Ryanair charge for a booking error. The low-cost airline might be doing a lot to turn around its image for being cost cutting and low on customer service but a cheeky story like this will never fail to get broad national coverage (and even a resulting Economist blog). Always worth checking twice before you hit book.

That’s it for the week. Enjoy the sunshine and same again in seven days!

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