Excuses not reasons

It’s been a while since I wrote a new blog post on here.


A number of reasons. Travel, work, lovers, friends and family.

I wrote reasons there. What I really should have written is excuses. Travel, work, lovers, friends and family are all just excuses.

Well enough! I noticed on my Linkedin profile that I said I’m ‘a keen blogger’ – time to stop lying about that and get writing again. Rather than waiting until next week / month / quarter to tap out a few words I’m just going to write what is currently in my head. I’ve been particularly inspired by my awesome flatmate Cathia whose blog you should subscribe to and whose recipes you should follow (I’m lucky – they’re served up in our living room).

What to write about after so long? For starters Spring is here. It’s lighter outside and I caught some blossom on the tree outside our beautiful bay window. On my run this morning it was actually warm. I’ve been spending a lot of time running lately. It’s a great way to just spend some time disconnected (apart from Runkeeper and Spotify) and reflecting on what is going on. So just what has been going on lately? Well:

Audio books. Lots of them. My new boss Charlie is a big fan of Audible so over the past three weeks I have been listening to Do More Faster. It’s a helpful book that tells you how to GSD (get stuff done). It’s particularly relevant if you’re in a start-up or just want to be more productive. You can read some more snippets over on Brad Feld’s blog.

Start-up life. I took the plunge and joined a start-up. It’s called Triptease. You should check it out (particularly if you are a hotelier looking to drive direct bookings). I am learning a lot every day and putting some of that corporate life to use. The first thing I’ve realised is how much the world and business is changing around us. Let’s Uber it, Slack it, Whatsapp it. New brands are becoming new verbs every day. It’s exciting and mind blowing at the same time.

Kicking the bucket…list. It recently became very real that the big three-zero is approaching in a few years and when that comes I’d like to look back on my twenties with fondness. The first half (and a bit) passed in a blur and so I’m set on making the second half (okay, okay, technically quarter) worthwhile. Life is far too short to not spend every waking minute trying to achieve something new and being the best version of you out there. So whether it’s a half marathon (done), working for a start-up (doing) or learning to cook a biryani from scrap (soon to happen) – ask yourself, what will you do before it’s *too* late? My friends have all said things like travel, bikram yoga, falling in love. What will you pick for your bucket list?

No reasons. No excuses.

(Boy did writing this feel good). Long may it continue.

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