Geek that was: Maybe you should just leave earlier

Retweet for fame, please

There was a recent study. The #TVTwitter study. It was conducted by @BrainJuicer on behalf of Twitter and the marketing body for commercial TV in the UK, @Thinkboxtv. IT identified two very different states of mind Twitter users are in when they’re watching TV and tweeting. The first is relaxed (lean back) and the second is engaged (lean forward). They observed people to find out how they react to adverts. It’s really not ground breaking, but when people are engrossed in the show, they aren’t tweeting. They only react when there’s a pause to share an opinion. When they are leaning in, they are tweeting more to comment on what they are seeing. So when watching the Line of Duty (needs you to concentrate), you aren’t tweeting. When watching The Voice, you are. Simples. However despite various ways of responding, the hashtag remains constant. If there’s a hashtag, apparently three in four will look it up. The study found Twitter users see hashtags around TV shows in two ways. Firstly as a punch line, or a creative and amusing way to sign off a Tweet about a show; and secondly as a way to sort and categorise conversation. For brands, the good use of hashtags again can also pay dividends whether they are everyday or live moments. Recent research from our US team found that TV ads with hashtags also drive 42% more conversation. Oh, and want retweets? It’s because you want fame. 15% admitted that they made sure their Tweets about TV were funny so they would get a retweet. But when we asked indirectly, 76% agreed that other users made sure their Tweets about TV were funny, so they would be retweeted. Interesting stuff.

Vine is after Snapchat and Instagram

Vine, the 6 second video sharing app that you use all the time (right….right?!) now lets you send direct video messages. So put down your Facetime and Skype, and start sending short dirty funny videos to whoever you want! Seriously though, the kids don’t want to broadcast any more. They want to share discreetly and directly. The days of social broadcasting are going to be numbered, me thinks.

Trouble Sleeping? Stop taking tablets

Front page of the Metro this morning. Tablets and mobile phones are to blame for nine in ten young people failing to get a good night’s sleep. Do a detox to make your life better and sleep sound tonight.

Watch out, Moleskine

The must have scribing accessory for digital hipsters is about to get a run for its money. Meet Mod, the paper notebook that comes with a digital backup. It’s basically you to pay for someone to scan in your notebook. Honestly. And it costs $25 a month. And has got loads of coverage. No idea is a new idea, people. I’ll happy scan in your notebooks for a nifty £15 a go if you want to digitised, just get in touch.

Ermergherd, Twitter photo tagging!

Taken an embarrassing photo of a friend or colleague? Tweet it and tag them in it! It is what it says on the tin. But it’s useful for brands because like if you have a celeb or ‘influencer’ or spokesperson at an event that you are livetweeting from, you can now tag them in it all that visual content! That puppy has totally been nailed to the floor there (W1A reference for those of you in the know).

Buzzfeed of the week: maybe you should just leave earlier

Just this. Tweets make news. Branded tweets make news. If you are funny and real. No one writes about things that are heavily bounded in a voice guide. It’s like when your spokesperson something you’ve tried to prevent. It’s always going to get coverage. A branded tweet is no different.

Wow of the week: Happy April Fools. Google it.

This is well worth a read. Google owned April Fools. Take a look at some of their pranks. The Shelfie is my favourite.

And finally – this, from my colleague is brilliant. Every Brand Video You’ve Ever Seen in One Sweeping Parody.

I couldn’t think of a sign off after reading this.


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