A Non-Muslim Take on Ramadan

The word ‘Muslim’ is a label. According to the dictionary, a Muslim is an adherent of Islam.. According to Fox News yesterday, a Muslim is someone who isn’t allowed to express an opinion on anything else in the world. I read about Reza Aslan’s interview with Fox News with some interest. According to the news anchor, he isn’t qualified, despite having four degrees, to write about Jesus because he’s a Muslim. That’s just how divisive the label can be. However, we’ll put that down to Fox News being Fox News, and move on.

Over the past week I was struck by real humility after two people said they would try fasting in order to gain compassion and understanding for what millions around the world are undertaking. Their label? Non-Muslims.

The first was a friend of mine, Lisa Moretti, a Digital Sociologist who spends her time exploring how people integrate the Internet with their every day lives. The second was BBC Radio One DJ Nihal, who spends his time playing the best in British Asian music on the airwaves.

Read how they found it here

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